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How To Fix White Spots DLP Projector display BenQ

(White or black dots on screen that multiply over time). We are a factory authorized DLP/LCD lamp distributor. Brand new original oem dmd / dlp chip for mitsubishi wd-73c9 used in the following mitsubishi models bm1234, l65a90, wd-57733, wd-57734, wd-57833, wd-60638, wd-60733, wd-60735, wd-60737, wd-60738, wd-60833, wd-60837, wd-60c10, wd-60c8, wd-60c9, wd-65638, wd-65731, wd-65733, wd-65734, wd-65735, wd-65736, wd-65737, wd-65738, wd-65833, wd-65835, wd-65837, wd-65838, wd-65c10, wd-65c8, wd-65c9, wd-73638, wd-73640, wd-73642, wd-73733, wd-73734, wd-73735, wd-73736, wd-73737, wd-73738, wd-73742, wd-73833, wd-73835, wd-73837, wd-73838, wd-73840, wd-73c10, wd-73c11, wd-73c12, wd-73c8, wd-73c9, wd-75837, wd-82737, wd-82738, wd-82837, wd-82838, wd-92840, wd-c657, wd-y577, wd-y657 used in the following samsung models hl50a650c1fxza, hl56a650c1fxza, hl61a650c1fxza, hl61a750a1fxza, hl61a750a1fxzc, hl67a510j1fxz, hl67a510j1fxza, hl67a750a1fxza, hl67a750a1fxzc, hl72a650c1fxza, hls5087wx/xaa, hls5687wx/xaa, hls6187wx/xaa, hlt5055wx/xaa, hlt5076sx/xaa, hlt5076sx/xac, hlt5087sax/xaa, hlt5087sx/xaa, hlt5089sx/xaa, hlt5656wx/xaa, hlt5656wx/xac, hlt5676sx/xaa, hlt5676sx/xac, hlt5687sax/xaa, hlt5687sx/xaa, hlt5689sx/xaa, hlt6156wx/xaa, hlt6176sx/xaa, hlt6176sx/xac, hlt6187sax/xaa, hlt6187sx/xaa, hlt6189sx/xaa, hlt6756wx/xaa, hlt6756wx/xac, hlt7288wx/xaa used in the following toshiba models 57hm167, 65hm167.